"Early in January I was searching for real spiritual and physical solutions to my problems, I came across Prophet Climate, I listened and I started to follow him, listening to all youtube videos. I came across the fire service, I submitted all my debts lists, withing one week a Big financial miracle happened. Again I submitted names of people who I felt were against me in my working place, within four days they were all exposed and a plan to make me lose my Job without me knowing was revealed. I submitted the names of my neighbours who had been dumping rubbish in my yard for the last five years. Two weeks after the fire service they were evicted. Also my son who has been failing in school I submitted his picture, suddenly now he is the top of the class. The Fire Service Works .. This Month I am Ready" 

What You Can Expect As You Throw The Names Of Your Enemies Into The Fire Today...

This is the 9th year running since we began holding the Fire Service, and we won't stop, because it works. Hundreds and hundreds have witnessed and testified of their own personal breakthroughs they have experienced as a result of attending this powerful service. Marriages restored, debts cancelled, enemies destroyed, sicknesses disappeared, and much, much more!  

Do you have a persistent enemy in your life that just won't quit? Maybe it's a physical person, or a sickness, or a debt, or anything that has been a source of sorrow in your life? As the Fire Burns tomorrow, you MUST make sure that you put their names there. And keep putting them! You heard what that woman said, month after month after month she continued to put the name of all the troubles , again and again she threw the names in the fire, until finally, the deliverance came!

I see there are some issues in your life you may have put on the fire many times before, but let this be an encouragement to you to never give up. There are some miracles in your life that are about to take place, some of them are already at 95% and as you throw them in the fire today, it's about to boil over. Yes your enemies are about to get what's coming to them. I see God's judgment being poured out. I see the hand of Jehovah is about to deliver you from that situation. Yes because you did not give up, because you did not quit. Because you have held on to the Word of your Prophet, I see tomorrow there is an issue in your life that will not rise up again. Yes this is the last time! 

Your Enemies Are Going To BURN in...


I Want To Help You! Yes I Am Here As Your Prophet To Help You Get Your Deliverance!

Yes that is why I want you to send me your list of enemies, I will print them off for you and personally throw them in the Fire! Remember there is no distance in prayer. Just because you can not attend physically, doesn't mean that you have to miss out. As the list of your enemies burn, God will strike them wherever they are. Yes deliverance is coming to you! It's time to be free!

The Bible says in Nahum 1:9 that "affliction shall not rise up a second time". I want you to believe God and sow a prophetic offering according to this number, as you stand in faith believing that the issue you are facing is not going to rise up again. As you throw that case in the fire tomorrow, that will be the end of it!  

And as a Special Gift to YOU... when you send in your List along with your Special Seed, I'm going to send you a 4-Part Fire Series (Over 9 Hours of Teaching in MP3 Format!) which is going to build your faith and help you receive your miracle.  

Remember, healing will never be a reality until you believe God will heal you. Prosperity can never be a reality until you believe God will heal you. And God's deliverance through the Fire Service will only happen when you believe that God can avenge for you. Yes your Faith is about to Rise up so that you can receive your Miracle! 

This 4-Part Fire Series Includes: 

  • Breaking Every Negative Spell Over Your Life
  • Destroying the Enemies of Progress
  • Let God Avenge for You
  • The Anointing to Never Give Up

Watch this 10 Min Excerpt from A Recent Fire Service