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"Prayers That Birth Powerful Miracles Vol. 1' will give you the spiritual tools you need to stay ahead of the game, experience joy and peace, and live the abundant life that God has planned for you. 

  • Overcome the enemies of your progress
  • Destroy every demonic stronghold over your life
  • Overcome the spirit of fear
  • Discover and pray against the six MAJOR territorial spirits
  • Enjoy your blessed life competely by praying against the spirit of bareness and miscarriage

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“These prayers helped me carry my baby to full term after many miscarriages. My daughter is three years old now and I give God thanks every day for this book!"  

Jane L, London

“After a very fierce competition at work and people fighting for my position I managed to come out on top with a promotion thanks to the prayers on enemies of progress"  

Ade F, USA