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For the past 7 years, thousands from around the globe have witnessed and testified through personal experience of the wonders the Miracle Pack has done for them:

  • Remove curses and bad luck as a result of witchcraft
  • Experience divine healing 
  • Obtain favor in business and working place 
  • Remove spirit of rejection out of your life
  • And much, much more!
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Real People ! In A Real World ! Experiencing Real Results! 
Here Is What They Say !!!!!

“I was in the hospital with a terrible rash all over my face. My friend brought me the miracle pack and everything cleared up"

Marcie L.

“I was experiencing delay in my papers, after using the Miracle Pack I received my indefinite leave to remain in this country.”

Karen C. 

“While on a recent flight, the lady next to me was very sick, coughing with fever. I prayed for her using the Anointing Oil, she was healed instantly”

Pauline A.

“I used to have a lot of fear, whenever I drove I was afraid of getting into an accident. But not anymore!”


“I was experiencing so much heaviness and pain on my body, but after using the Miracle Pack it disappeared”

Stanza B.

“Before leaving, I felt I should anoint myself with Divine Protection Body Lotion. When crossing the road, I was hit by a motorbike. But I did not fall on the ground. Apart from a little pain I was completely fine. ”

Adonai G. 

“I had a persistent enemy in my working place but after using the Miracle Pack the person resigned”

Emma A.

“I had a daughter back home in Ghana who was in a coma. I instructed my family to use the Miracle Pack on her, the girl woke up and started speaking again”


“I was experiencing a lot of pain in my body and had been perscribed pain killers. But after using the Miracle Pack, all the pain is gone”

G. Ganet

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“For 11 whole years I was refused by my son to see my grandchildren. I had grandchildren I never event met before. I was one of the very first people to use the Miracle Pack. The day after I found dead flies everywhere in my house, within a few hours my son rang me and invited me to come see him and the children. Since then I see my family regularly and they even come to church.”

Dele M.

“I had a court case in which I had to appear in court. I took the Miracle Pack with me and sprinkled the Miracle Salt in the room. When the judge came in, he sat down and told me that because I have attended he is dismissing the case.”

Lydia K.

“My son had been an invalid for over 12 years. After using the Miracle Pack he had a dream of being fed worms and he woke up and began to vomit. Since that day health has returned to his body, it's a complete turnaround!”

Jean A.

“I have a close friend who had experienced pain in her hands for over 25 years. On my last visit I went and sprayed the Miracle Water on her hands. She told me that afterwards her hands began to shake and all the pain left!”

Leroy C.

“I had been experiencing so much rejection trying to get into University. Every application that I submitted was denied. But after using the Miracle Pack, FIVE different schools were calling me with an offer. I couldn't believe my ears!”

Sophie S.

“My sisters life was falling apart, her husband was having an affair and she wanted to kill herself. But with much prayer and the use of the Miracle Pack, her husband has returned and repented and they are happy again. God has restored her completely!”

Brenda T.

“Everytime I use the Miracle Pack I get excellent results. During my last exam, I did got one question wrong but the professor gave me a 100% mark!"

Fatou A.

“I had one manager who had it out for me. She was lying about me to make me look bad before my superiors. I went in early one morning and sprinkled the Miracle Salt around her office. Within two weeks they had sacked her and I got a promotion!”

Sasizo M.

“After anointing the doors of my home with Anointing Oil, I received a letter from Inland Revenue demanding I pay them money. But when I looked through the entire contents, I found a cheque addressed to me!”

Mary L.

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Testimonies Are Being Experienced Around the Globe. Read Recent Testimonies Sent In By our World-Wide Partners
 And God wrought special miracles by the hands of Paul:  So that from his body were brought unto the sick handkerchiefs or aprons, and the diseases departed from them, and the evil spirits went out of them. (Acts 19:12) 

My daughter was having trouble at school so I started sprinkling the Miracle Salt in her backpack every day. Since then there have been no more complaints.

Sarah |

Chicago, USA

I was believing God for a job and used the Miracle Pack as I attended the interview. Well it was hardly an interview and I got the job!

Marnie Lo. |

Auckland, New Zealand

Last year I went to the doctors and they told me I had a weak bowel. So I began using the Miracle Pack every day. Six months later I went in for check up and when they did an X-Ray they were amazed and said my bowels looked like that of a 50 year old (I am in my 70's!)

Peggie R. |

St. Mary's, Jamaica

In the morning I used the Miracle Pack and prayed that I would find favor that day. While doing my shopping, I left my stuff at the cashier to go and grab one last thing. When I heard from behind someone saying, 'Don't worry I've paid for your shopping and the receipt is in the bag'. Upon turning around to see who it was, the person was gone!

Nora M |

Nairobi, Kenya

I was feeling very ill and was having difficulty breathing. I realised something was stuck in my throat but it was not coming out. Suddenly I coughed out a brown substance which left my throat so raw that I couldn't speak. I sprayed Miracle Water in my mouth and took some of the salt and immediatley I was able to speak again. 

Teresa C. |

Hong Kong, China

I was facing a ban on my driving license for 6+ months. I began using the Miracle Pack as I waited to go to court, sprinkling the Miracle Salt and believing God for favor. Well on the day of court, the judge only gave me a 10 days ban instead!


Toronto, Canada

Invest in the Miracle Pack!

and start experiencing your own testimonies!

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